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Spirit Board VR

Developer: Trioxin245 Software
1.99 usd

Finally a Ouija board VR game for Google Cardboard!Enter the paranormal world and conduct a séance in virtual reality! Summon spirits and find out who they are and what they want. Ask questions by staring at the list of choices. See the responses on the spirit board via the planchette.
360 degree viewing experience.
Be Warned as some of the spirits are friendly and some are not!
Best experienced wearing headphones in a dark room.
Swivel chair highly recommended.
Google Cardboard or compatible Virtual Reality headset required.
Warning: This horror experience my be frightening for some and absolutely terrifying for others.
For more information about Google Cardboard and Virtual Reality...
For a premium Virtual Reality experience, I recommend the MergeVR Cardboard compatible goggles which can be ordered here...